SAN&FA is a family business, a sector leader, in the Turkish textile industry. The business was started in 1950 as a wholesaler and then the factory was set up in 1993 producing luxury knitwear and accessories for today’s man and woman .

The label of SAN&FA stands for excellent knitting fashion, high quality and the feeling to wear something special. The factory is located in Izmir/ Turkey on a 12500 m surface area. Approximately 300 highly qualified employees are working under optimal working conditions providing top quality, stylish classical designs and renewed colors season after season to accomplish success.

Two collections are created SAN&FA (classic and basic lines). It is the tradition of SAN&FA to review, update, and adjust the outfits every season for contemporary classic taste. SAN&FA differentiates itself by not manufacturing abroad. Refusing to adhere to globalised economy strategies, we maintain our distinguishing originality and exceptionality with its inhouse production.

Quality is the priority of SAN&FA. SAN&FA always uses ‘up-to-date’ materials with its entrepreneurial perspective combining innovation with world class quality. Only the latest and most sophisticated technologies are used to create SAN&FA garments. Thanks to our flexibility, state-of-the-art machines, best yarns, qualified staff and consistent high-quality management our men’s collections are an instant success in all over the world. SAN&FA is the result of generations of experience and skills in knitting and hand-finishing in the knit wear market.

SAN&FA garments are available all around the world in different geographic areas. Fashion may change every season but style stays. The glamour of SAN&FA garment is the combination of tradition and contemporary that can be worn in every occasion. Intarsia and jacquard techniques are used with new color combinations, yarns, and new materials.

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