Dear Customer, 
The product you have purchased is a high quality knitware garment made of wool and wool mixtures. When worn, pilling may occur in time due to friction. These are small woollen clusters which can be easily removed and do not constitute a reason for grievance. We recommend that you use the product you have purchased with care and wish you take pleasure in wearing it.  

The procedures may vary depending on the stains and the materials of the fabric. When applying chemicals or other materials on the products, apply them on a small part of the product first.  


Water temperature must not exceed  40ºC / F 105º.  Please use a Woolmark approved mild detergent. Turn the products inside-out to protect their exterior surface. In the event that powder is used, it must first be dissolved in water. Soak in water for 5 minutes before wringing. Do not rub together. Rinsing water must be warm. It is advised that you use fabric softeners. To drain excess water, you may place the product between towels and tumble in the short program of your washing machine. Do not wring or twist the products. Restore the products in their original form and leave them to dry straight and unwrinkled.


The pockets must be emptied. Soil and dirt shall be removed from the surface for them not to turn into stains at a later stage. Due to the fact that washing instructions may vary depending on the type of wool, the label on the products must always be checked. Small stains may be treated instantly with cold water and a clean piece of cloth, however, you must refrain from using paper towels. The best way to get rid of various unwanted scents is aerating the products. The woollen products may be folded and stored with naphtalene for long periods. Wearing the same product for two subsequent days is not advised. Leaving the product to rest for a few days will allow the woollen yarn to reform. Examine your clothes regularly.


Do not dry clean frequently. Dry cleaning once every season shall generally be sufficient. Excessive dry cleaning will result in a shinier appearance, and over exposure of the product to chemicals may degrade the quality of the fabric over the long run.  Do not bleach. ACE brand whitening agent may be used, however, it is advised that you first test the whitening agent on a small part of the product first.  


Wool: Dab with absorbent paper, sprinkle with talcum powder and brush.  
Cotton: Dab with absorbent paper towels , sprinkle with talcum powder.


Wool: Brush, dissolve with benzene or trichloroethylene, dab with absorbent paper
Cotton: Apply cold water


Wool: Dry, brush, and apply water and ammonia
Cotton: Dry, brush, and apply water and ammonia


Wool: Apply mineral water on the fresh stain
Cotton: Apply mineral water on the fresh stain


Wool: Sprinkle with fine salt, apply lemon juice
Cotton: Apply a solution made with of a few drops of ammonia in cold water


Wool: Apply a water and hydrogen peroxide solution (6:1)  
Cotton: Apply a water and hydrogen peroxide solution (1:4) 

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